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02 Aug 2022 20:03:44
Is Ed Woodward running Alpine?

Their current antics feel the average post-Fergie Man U transfer window.

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03 Jul 2022 23:00:40
Ed001 not sure if you have watched any of this season after what happened last year but if not treat yourself and watch the British Grand Prix.

That was some of the best racing in years.

That was what the sport should be!

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23 May 2022 10:24:26
All round rubbish day yesterday with Lec retiring and the mighty reds coming so close.
Hamilton though was different gravy yesterday. Immaculate driving.been uncluky this season with the safety cars and yesterday with the incident.
Surely he'll beat russell this season. i think he's been better than russell just miss unlucky.

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30 May 2022 07:08:41
They're many, who would disagree with you there truered. Many out there prefers to taint LH 7 WDC with the "fast car" crap, while they support the bell end, whose WDC came by "human error." They say Roseberg beat LH to the title because he was better but fail to note that, although Roseberg was good but it was LH engine blowing off at Malaysia that gave Roseberg the win. The hate on LH is insane. Britain should be grateful to have LH, Russell and Norris.

Monaco on the other hand, is just a frustrating circuit and I don't know why FIA bothers with it. Overtaking is almost impossible. Was gutted for Charles LeClerc, who I think is way better to MV, for losing out on team strategy. LH and Vettel were also unlucky not to have driven on new tyres during Q3. All in all, damn boring race for me.

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19 Mar 2022 16:09:53
Ferrari is back. wohoo. Hope it lasts for the season. High time they won.

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20 Mar 2022 09:42:29
I am absolutely delighted that Ferrari are looking strong albeit that's just one qualifying session.

I am actually more interested in seeing what the "great" Hamilton is capable of when he doesn't have everything handed out to him on a plate, be it the fastest car, reliable car, best overall package, all the rules and regulations bent in favor of mercedes.

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23 Mar 2022 06:18:49
"Handed out to him"? I get LH polarizes opinion but I will never understand the level of HATE towards him. Shocking post

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19 Mar 2022 07:45:48
Mercedes needs to get their acts together. What's up with this bouncing stuff? Debut season for Russell with them and he is greeted with this glitch? As it stands, it appears its going to be all Red Bull and Ferrari

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05 Mar 2022 11:23:17
Mazepin SACKED.

Don't care if it's the right or wrong thing to do vis a vis the Ukraine, but I'm delighted because he's a prat. And so is his Dad.

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07 Mar 2022 13:06:56
I have to say I don't feel sorry for him at all. Though could FIA have honored the proposed conditions he was willing to take? Anyways, I think like Lance Stroll, he is overrated anyways.

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25 Feb 2022 17:00:43
Verstappen thinks Masi "was capable"!? The worst view I have read all week but what do I expect when clearly he (Masi) handed him his first world championship? Plus only he (Verstappen) feels Masi's removal WS "incredible" and that looks like only he has that opinion. Does anyone know how the other drivers perceives Verstappen? I don't get the lad atimes. Looking forward to a hopefully, good and fair season

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18 Feb 2022 18:20:19
What do you think of the new cars? I think everyone or most have released their nows.

Aston Martin looks really nice. Love the colours.

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07 Feb 2022 09:34:17
Ed01 if you're about, a mate of mine and I were having a chat about Abu Dhabi. He reckons Max's Championship win was tinted due to the mess around the finish. I did argue that the lad won it fair and square on track regardless of Masi' incidence because it was done on the track despite Hamilton being the better driver on the night.

But I want to ask, do you think Max should be considered to have dethroned a dorminant champion in Hamilton considering it was actual handed to him by Masi? Secondly, what do you make of the FIA new racing structure? Lastly, do you think the ban on direct communication to stewards is in the right direction as it did play a part in the mess at Abu Dhabi? Thanks alot

{Ed001's Note - the championship was tainted throughout by the way the FIA handled it, there is no way Verstappen can be said to have won it fair and square. It is not just the finish, it is the way Red Bull were allowed to break the rules consistently throughout the season, with things such as flexi-wings (which they had the cheek to complain that Mercedes might be using it later on!) and being allowed to apply a performance upgrade to their engine because they claimed the performance boost was not the reason for it. I have to be honest, I am done with F1. I am fine with a championship that is being actively levelled out, such as BTCC, so long as it is all open and everyone knows where they stand. But clearly the FIA are trying to do it on the sly, which makes the whole thing dishonest and as fixed as wrestling. That is not my thing.}

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17 Dec 2021 22:55:21
Wow not sure you could write this rubbish, a new President and the first on his list is rule breaking by Lewis for not attending the F1 Gala. The best bit was the backtracking on rules that are broken by human's it feels like a film script. Obviously written by someone who has no idea about was has gone on just a few day's ago, I'am with you Ed i'am out unless they change things.

{Ed001's Note - it won't change sadly. They wouldn't back Masi if they were looking to make change.}

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16 Dec 2021 11:35:11
So merc drop the protest and appeal.

Honestly I'm not that surprised, not that I particularly like max but whoever ended up with the title is always going to have it tainted by this mess now and that's not fair on either driver.

Let's hope the review promised by the FIA brings the needed clarity, I would imagine masi will be replaced, ultimately it was his terrible decision, and not his first either

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13 Dec 2021 19:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Formula 1: Abu Dhabi Talking Points

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13 Dec 2021 20:40:46
As not an avid f1 follower I was confused in the previous race when max was unhappy about a five second penalty but was happy not to mention momments after Hamilton pitted under a virtual safety car the race was red flagged, max had got a free overtake, track position and a free tyre change worth twenty seconds plus.
In yesterday's race if the intension was to twist rules so the race didn't end behind a safety car then just red flag the race with four laps left and they can all put new slicks on and have a fair shoot out . This maybe isn't how the rules work but nor was what happened and Hamilton wasn't even given a sporting chance .
If Hamilton had changed tyres and the rules weren't twisted and the race ended behind a safety car then Mercedes would have looked insane .
Its hard to form any conclusion other than decisions off track meant max won the championship regardless of how skilled max was all year .

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14 Dec 2021 03:45:06
that is the problem mate, they could easily have red flagged so that the race could have been a real race. But they wouldn't have got the result they wanted that way, as Hamilton was clearly faster and would have just driven away from him again.

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16 Dec 2021 10:33:04
And Mercedes withdraw their appeal. Todt presumably visited Mercedes headquarters with a briefcase full of money.

{Ed001's Note - more likely because it is pointless appealing to the same people who made the decision and would only make it even more difficult next season.}

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13 Dec 2021 01:50:38
This might be the day I have fallen out of love with this sport.

A ridiculous decision from the race director to manufacture a world championship change.

If he follows the regulations as, apart from certain heavy wet races, they always have before, then the race finished behind the safety car. Instead he, let's be kind and say bent the existing rules, to deliberately go racing when one car is a sitting duck.

Then you dismiss clear evidence of an overtake under the safety car because he wasn't ahead at the safety car line. Not sure that is in the regulations but there you go.

It makes a mockery of the sport frankly.

{Ed001's Note - I am with you on this. What is the point in watching it when the result is going to be decided by the race director? If I wanted to watch fake sports, I would be watching wrestling, not motor racing.}

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13 Dec 2021 02:13:57
I’d go even further Ed and say what’s the point in having regulations in the first place if you allow one man to unilaterally bend them to suit his mood.

Teams rely on the rules being the rules.

This isn’t even about who won. It’s about the integrity of a sport I’ve loved since I was a boy.

Charlie Whiting must be spinning in his grave.

{Ed001's Note - exactly mate. What is to stop a team now fitting a bigger engine? Or anything they feel like doing as the rules are not there to be adhered to any more.}

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13 Dec 2021 10:03:36
I thinking about this earlier Ed and I would be interested on your take.

During the Mercedes protest Red Bull where allowed to attend as an interested party. Why?

Surely it isn't Red Bull's job to justify a decision made by the race director on a technical matter.

Even if you argue they have a right to be there - why didn't they then invite the other teams in? The decision to let those five cars go impacted on the cars behind them and so those teams would also have had something to say.

{Ed001's Note - you are right, it should be either all there or no one, as a technical ruling like this impacts them all in the future as well. No one now knows what the rules actually are as the race director will just make them up as he goes along to make sure that they get the right result.}

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12 Dec 2021 19:33:28
Hi Ed might this have more to do with voting in the replacement for Jean Todt not sure what connections the Barrister Stoker has or the ex rally driver Suleymen has. Intriging though can't that outcome would have happened of it wasn't a Champuonship decider, race would have finished under the safety car regs.

{Ed001's Note - you could be right, F1 has always had a lot of politics involved.}

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12 Dec 2021 15:29:40
Lets home merc and redbull fall of a cliff next year. let's have Ferrari vs Mclaren 2022.

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12 Dec 2021 18:53:11
Let's try having clear and enforced rules first.

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12 Dec 2021 21:10:49
F1 over the past decade or so has become harder and harder to watch in terms of interest and excitement. For me however that will be it, it has taken what was once the most exciting and glamorous sport on Earth and turned it into WWE. I certainly have no interest in paying to watch that nonsense.

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12 Dec 2021 15:17:51
Hmmm. Didn't want Lewis to win but that was some dodgy ending, no?

If I remember correctly, when letting lapped cars go through on a safety car, you're meant to wait for them to rejoin at the back of the pack before the SC can come in.

I understand that they want to end with a proper race, but rules are there for a reason and what they did there was kind of bull.

I'd like to see some strong changes made for next season regarding how much the team can talk to the FIA during the race. The way they influence the decisions is just totally wrong.

{Ed001's Note - correct they are meant to rejoin the train. They have engineered a win for Verstappen there.}

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12 Dec 2021 17:46:21
It was like watching WWF. The people responsable should be unemployed, it's made a mockery of the sport.

{Ed001's Note - it will be interesting to see how they wriggle out of the Mercedes protest, as they clearly broke their own rules. What is the point in having them if the organisers are going to ignore them? I mean if they can ignore them, there is nothing to stop the teams ignoring them.}

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12 Dec 2021 18:16:25
Exactly Ed seems like they have no to go. A crazy decision just to go Racing for 1 unfair Lap. Do you see Masi leaving his job before next season. It feels like Racing for Racings sake, anything to gain TV audience to earn more money. A bit lile football anything to create controversy.

{Ed001's Note - Masi has done what his bosses want, so he will be fine I expect.}

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12 Dec 2021 18:19:31
I think it looks so bad, Hamilton was clearly the superior driver and car today .
Hamilton was presented a no win situation he couldn't pit for tyres as verstappen would stay out and gain track position and if the rules are followed the race would end behind a safety car and not pitting meant a 1 lap shootout with a large red bull tyre advantage .
Mercedes can't decide wether to pit or not by guessing if rules will be followed .

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12 Dec 2021 18:44:44
I wouldn’t be surprised to see a merc boycott of next year or even total removal from the sport if the result stands…

FIA have messed this right up, it’s not RB or Max’s fault either it’s just totally inept running and expecting constructors to remain in championship where you are basically going to bend the rules to your will isn’t exactly enticing.

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12 Dec 2021 18:48:23
Soon to find out what the outcome is for now.

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12 Dec 2021 19:09:22
Thats that for now then.

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12 Dec 2021 19:32:19
It looks like a bad decision but within Mercs protest being thrown out it ultimately comes down to the race director to decide when the safety car comes in.

Within the report it appears all the teams requested that where possible, the race was to finish within race conditions.

Contentious decision but I think if you start overturning results it could open up a huge can of worms.

For instance, city got a pen yesterday that wasn't a pen, if city win the league do Liverpool and Chelsea appeal because by the rules they wouldn't of won?

The whole race director role needs reforming 100% and bosses shouldn't be able to talk to the ref effectively mid race, its like klopp getting in VAR's ear when a decision goes against him. But for me you cannot overturn it, Max didn't do anything wrong and changing results isn't the way forward imo.

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12 Dec 2021 19:39:42
The stewards and fia have said under 15. Somethign the race director has overriding authority on the decisions so Mercedes protests have been denied. So basically Masi can do whatever he wants

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12 Dec 2021 19:45:25
What a farce. I'm not watching F1 if they're going to bend the rules like that.

If they wanted to race they should have left all cars where they were when the safety car comes in. Max would have likely caught and overtook Lewis anyway, as the 5 lapped cars in front of Max would have moved over for him, while he was also on brand new red wall tyres.

Just having the safety car would likely have won Max the race, they didn't need to fix it like they did. Disgusting.

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12 Dec 2021 20:19:20
Merc apparently going to take this to CAS.

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12 Dec 2021 20:50:00
To be world champion all Hamilton needs to know is what the rules are, the race will re start or it won't.
If it will he pits if it won't then he won't pit .
He wasn't given that info so had to assume rules would be followed . They were not so every scenario was for Hamilton to lose .
Does anyone believe he wasn't the fastest driver in the fastest car in that race

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12 Dec 2021 22:01:51
Slate, being the fastest driver/fastest car doesn't guarantee a win. Just like football otherwise man city would never lose.

The issue is, did Masi bend the rules under pressure from Horner.

Normally under the safety car, lapped cars would join the back of the grid, they would then be another lap before the safety car pits. If that happened today Ham would win and the race would finish behind the safety car.

Crucially in the rules it stipulates it is under the race directors discretion when it comes in. And that overrides the above rule. Effectively covering their ass. And for that reason I'm not too sure what Merc can appeal.

Moving forward it needs ironing out and the race directors role needs to be black and white. However, today as the rules sit, I think its Max's race and dragging it all out only tarnishes the sport further imo.

Football learnt from mistakes with goal line tech and vAR. F1 needs to do the same here to Improve for the future.

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13 Dec 2021 00:11:45
But that isn't quite what the rules say.

They say that All the lapped cars are to move off and the safety car is to move I to the pits on the next lap. Which means no racing.

The rules also say once the safety car in this lap has been sent to all teams the safety car comes in.

So what we have is a contrived situation unprecendented in F1 which leaves the two championship contenders in a situation with one lap to go where the reality is only one can win through the rule being implemented in a way it was never designed for.

It absolutely stinks.

If you wanted fair there were options, red flag and have a shoot out for a lap or two.

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13 Dec 2021 00:21:18
Pressed send too quick it's rules 48.12 and 48.13.

The fact is rule .12 was used to allow the 5 cars between Hamilton and verstappen to pass and rule .13 was used to ensure the others didn't.

The rules were implemented to ensure an outcome that wasnt possible escape possible. What should have happened is

.12 all the lapped cars passed the safety car which ensured the race finished under a safety car.

.13 was implanted which ensured it restarted and Veratappen had to get past the lapped cars, in total 5.

These two options are what has previous been done.

Neither results in a Verstappen win so a decision is made to do something different .

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13 Dec 2021 00:29:43
They should get rid of all the discretionary rules and appoint a panel to inure they are followed or risk losing what little credibility is left. It very annoying because it could be so great.

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12 Dec 2021 13:49:45
Can someone just tell me WTF Bottas brings to the table? Perez have just done MV a massive solid here. Where is Bottas?

{Ed001's Note - brilliant piece of racing by Perez though.}

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12 Dec 2021 14:50:14
What was that at the end I’ve just seen the fia giver Verstappen the title. Wat a Bizzare decision they only let five cars past which isn’t the rules

{Ed001's Note - and the weaving all over the track is an automatic 5 second penalty.}

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12 Dec 2021 15:05:50
He was ahead of Hamilton behind the safety car at numerous points which isn’t allowed why did Masi change his decision for the last half of the lap. ?

{Ed001's Note - to give the win to Max obviously.}

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12 Dec 2021 15:08:11
Well that was engineered at the end for Max to win. Very vague rules if there left to the clark pf the course on the day.

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12 Dec 2021 15:09:30
That was so suspect, even for the FIA.

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12 Dec 2021 15:21:55
Can’t mercedess take them to court? That’s four rules they broke. Why is this allowed to happen, Hamilton is the better driver and beat him easily

{Ed001's Note - they can do.}

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12 Dec 2021 15:28:27
Max got the luck today. Over the course of the season he deserves the championship. Well done to him. Well done to Ham taking it to the last race.

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12 Dec 2021 15:59:53
I can't believe what I have seen today

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12 Dec 2021 20:04:57
My love for the sport just took a blow. Not because Max won but because this is blatant cheating. Short of words

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24 Nov 2021 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Formula 1: Saudi Arabia Talking Points

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05 Dec 2021 21:36:16
I wonder what type of accident it will take for Max to tone his driving down a little bit.

He's phenomenally quick but the move out of the way or we crash attitude is going to get somebody hurt one day.

{Ed001's Note - that is a good question.}

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06 Dec 2021 06:24:01
Really interesting stewards decision don’t you think Ed.

Max ‘trying’ to give the position back. Both not wanting to be ahead into the DRS detection. Which they are both entitled to do given they weren’t interfering with any other cars and then it’s evidenced Max deliberately breaks again to cause the crash.

Do you think 10 seconds was fair enough?

I mean deliberately braking and it causing a crash would seem a complete no no to me.

{Ed001's Note - it is yet another soft penalty for one of the most dangerous manoeuvres possible on a race track. But it is Max and he is the poster boy so they are not going to upset the orange army by giving him a worthwhile penalty.}

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05 Dec 2021 20:01:05
Wow. Unpick that mess ED ????. what a crazy race and again some bizarre decisions.

I get he's entertaining and quick but some one surely has to tell max he can't drive with a I win or we crash style

{Ed001's Note - except the FIA will back him as he brings in crowds.}

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