26 Feb 2017 20:08:15
Just wondered what everyone's favourite car of the year is, just seen the red bull and I think it looks stunning.

Also who are people tipping for the title and who would people like to see win the title.
I personally think Hamilton will take it (think they will just have the upper hand and don't think bottas will have enough to compete against him). I would love riciarrdo to take the win especially in that red bull.

{Ed001's Note - I quite like the Renault, Sauber and Toro Rosso too to look at, despite two of them being blue and that being a colour I do not usually like. Oddly the red Ferrari does not look right in the pictures I have seen. Looks somehow wrong in proportion.

McLaren-Honda is the one I am tipping as the surprise package, though it really depends on if Honda have got it right with their new engine or not. Though I think Hamilton will end up winning the driver's title.}

1.) 26 Feb 2017
26 Feb 2017 20:58:54
I think your right with mclaren alonso wouldn't of stuck around for no reason. However I don't like the orange livery, in the videos it looks amazing however in the still photos I'm not so keen. The video makes the car look more red (I'm not going mental I promise!)

I'm hoping it is as interesting as it's shaping up to be, however it is going to be a battle on a Saturday rather than the Sunday unless miraculously overtaking wider cars is easier.

2.) 21 Apr 2017
21 Apr 2017 07:29:42
Seems like my hopes were too high on McLaren, though the chassis seems excellent, Honda still have not got the engine sorted. Just have to hope they have more power in reserve and are just holding it back because of reliability issues. If so, they should be able to crank it up fairly quickly as the reliability gets sorted.