14 Nov 2021 18:36:19
Well Done Lewis 2 Fingers up to the STEWARDS

{Ed001's Note - defo mate, they did everything they could to stop him this weekend.}

1.) 14 Nov 2021
14 Nov 2021 18:39:55
They certainly did .
Black and White Flag for verstappen when he's going to do nothing oh and the 50,000 fine peanuts. let's hope the last 3 races are hot races for the Mercs.

{Ed001's Note - yeah the black and white flag after he had been overtaken, rather than before when it happened and a pointless fine that is just chump change for him.}

2.) 14 Nov 2021
14 Nov 2021 18:45:19
Exactly Ed's i think Bottas might play a bigger part in this. Perez only there for the fastest lap. This needs to change it should be for pole position.

{Ed001's Note - interesting to hear the crowd on his side for a change, he will get a lot of support in the Middle East I would expect too. I am not sure Bottas has the pace to do much to be honest.}

3.) 14 Nov 2021
14 Nov 2021 18:50:07
Really happy for Lewis today as he showed just how good he is. I don't get why he attracts so much hate, or maybe sadly I do. When I was a kid Ayrton Senna was God but Hamilton is the only driver I have seen I could put up at that level.

{Ed001's Note - it is good to hear him finally being appreciated. He gets far too much stick for things that are nothing to do with racing.}

4.) 14 Nov 2021
14 Nov 2021 19:11:09
Exactly Ed and Oakbark I hate to say it Black and British. Trying to stop him equalling Shumacher's record and then bettering it. Long may He keep winning still the fastest guy on the grid.

{Ed001's Note - I think it is far more about the former and breaking the Merc dominance.}

5.) 14 Nov 2021
14 Nov 2021 20:09:47
If he was French and in the Ferrari not a problem.

6.) 15 Nov 2021
15 Nov 2021 03:48:04
I'm falling in love with F1 all over again! What's everyone's opinion about the stewards decision on the incident between Max and Sir? I'm I alone in feeling there is an agenda against Hamilton?

{Ed001's Note - it feels clear there is, a broken part does not normally lead to disqualification, being pushed off the track usually leads to a penalty but Hamilton is now the target.}

7.) 15 Nov 2021
15 Nov 2021 07:15:19
There’s also the slyness element to what happened in Brazil. Max and Horner have both admitted they are suspicious of that Merc and after the race yesterday Horner suggested a challenge to the FIA would come about that rear wing and that Max had felt a difference.

So it wasn’t just a breach of parc ferme rules it was a blatant attempt to learn more about the Merc rear wing to challenge its validity.

That just doesn’t sit well with me as “sporting”.

As for the turn 4 incident it’s at least a five second penalty all day every day. Max deliberately brakes late to run Lewis wide. He never made the corner, forced Lewis off, kept the position and it was only Lewis that avoided the contact being made.

The real insult isn't the non penalty it’s the fact that they never even investigated it!

And where’s the Max onboard? Surely they could have said to be investigated after the race and waiting for the footage to be downloaded from the car if they didn’t have it to hand at the time.

{Ed001's Note - very good point Wassa, I agree with all you have said here.}

8.) 15 Nov 2021
15 Nov 2021 17:48:23
Well, clearly everyone here loves Hamilton and rightly so, drove a fantastic race yesterday. I would however say that the penalty is justified. Seb got his 2nd place taken away because of FIA not being able to extract the exact amount of fuel. So if the drs failed the test the penalty was justified for Lewis.
I agree however, max should have been penalised.
Im tired of the Mercedes dominance, I would rather Max win it, he has been incredible in most of the races. I wouldn't begrudge Hamilton the win this season though as he's been pushed to the limit.