13 Sep 2021 14:23:00
Delighted for Daniel and Lando. Gutted for Lewis as I think he was on for the win after Max's slow stop. got to say thou Horner does my nut in if it was the other way around he'd be calling for a race ban. I get Max is incredibly talented but he really needs to stop blaming everyone else for every little thing it just smacks of desperation. Hoping for at least one more Hamilton championship before Russell reigns supreme.

{Ed001's Note - I agree with you completely on there up till the one more Hamilton championship. I would love it if Max got so caught up with taking out Lewis that Lando was able to nick the title!}

1.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 07:02:00
What really appalled me was the way Verstappen got out of his car and just walked away, without even checking to see if Lewis was ok. I remember when the roles were reversed and Verstappen crashed into the barriers, that Hamilton did have the decency to ask on the team radio, shortly after the crash, if Max was ok.

{Ed001's Note - good point. Max comes across more and more like his prick of a dad each day to be honest. Much better driver, but he is dropping to his level as a person.}

2.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 07:37:08
Not defending Max, but he did have a look and saw Lewis was trying to reverse out. So maybe he assumed he was fine.

{Ed001's Note - fair point.}

3.) 14 Sep 2021
14 Sep 2021 10:05:26
To bad Seb wasn’t stopped he’d probably have tried to lift Max’s car off him lol.

{Ed001's Note - that would have been funny, so long as they didn't touch Hamilton's car would he have been able to restart? Only they have rules about outside assistance, ie push starts etc.}