18 Jul 2021 15:29:39
Wow what a start Horner trying his best with Masi.

{Ed001's Note - would you give Hamilton a penalty?}

1.) 18 Jul 2021
18 Jul 2021 15:51:27
Not sure 1st lap and all that after the penalty it could be a Dream for Lando.

{Ed001's Note - I would love Lando to win.}

2.) 18 Jul 2021
18 Jul 2021 16:02:21
All seem's to have calmed down. Maybe the pit stop's will change a few things.

{Ed001's Note - disappointing when they start looking after tyres like this as nothing happens.}

3.) 18 Jul 2021
18 Jul 2021 16:06:00
Agreed maybe trying to advantage of Hamiltons penalty. Le clerc in trouble good chance for Lando.

{Ed001's Note - Leclerc's issue could make it exciting.}

4.) 18 Jul 2021
18 Jul 2021 16:16:32
Bad pit stop for Lando.

{Ed001's Note - nearly ruined his day.}

5.) 18 Jul 2021
18 Jul 2021 17:04:35
Wow what a finish then. Did Perez do the same to Raikanon.

{Ed001's Note - I was thinking that. It looked similar.}

6.) 18 Jul 2021
18 Jul 2021 17:11:42
I think hamilton deserved the penalty. He had enough space to hit the apex in that corner. Nevertheless drove brilliantly after that.
Hopefully Max is ok.
As a Ferrari fan, would have loved to see Leclerc win.
As a Check fan though disappointed. He needs to do better.

7.) 18 Jul 2021
18 Jul 2021 19:54:45
What happened with Perez / Raikonen.

8.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 11:00:15
Ed what was your opinion on the turn one incident? I thought Hamilton had plenty of space on the right to move if he wanted. But at the same time he didn't really run Max off the road. tough one.

{Ed001's Note - for me Hamilton was on the limit, on the onboard pictures he looks only slightly offline and there was plenty of space for Verstappen to go round him. I would say both were at fault, Hamilton had gone in hard taken a chance and so took a chance, Max was too aggressive in trying to cut him off and drove into him doing so. For me that is a racing incident and so, if anything, a ten-second penalty is a bit harsh, but you have to accept, if you are Hamilton, that you did have a part to play in Verstappen ending up in the wall and move on. By the same token, Max needs to grow up and realise that he has a big lead in the championship and should be thinking of that and being more cautious. Give a bit more room as you have more to lose.}

9.) 22 Jul 2021
22 Jul 2021 09:09:18
I don't know if they take it into consideration but I thought the 10 seconds was fair.

The red flag effectively gave hamilton a free pit stop to fix the car due to the incident. If the race wasn't red flagged I think it would of been called a racing incident as Hamilton would have been penalised enough having to pit to fix the cars damage.