06 Jun 2021 16:23:41
I really have no idea what to say about that race. Apart from the annoyance of the channel I was watching it on constantly losing signal and missing some of the best bits, it was just insane. How does Hamilton end up last when he had it? And Vettel coming 2nd?

One thing that did stand out for me is how slow race control were to react to the two crashes. Immediately they happened it was blatantly obvious it needed to be a safety car immediately, yet they took ages to put out the safety car both times. What on earth was the hold up? It was the two clearest and most obvious safety cars I have ever seen.

1.) 07 Jun 2021
06 Jun 2021 19:47:56
Crazy end to the race Ed. Maybe it was just fatigue with Hamilton, making an error like that. Always easy in hindsight but why take the risk when 2nd place would have put him ahead of Max in the standings.

{Ed001's Note - I don't know mate, he didn't look to be taking a risk, he looked to have it under control and braked in plenty of time. The car just didn't slow down.}

2.) 07 Jun 2021
06 Jun 2021 19:53:24
Those crashes mate, phew. At 300kph, i'm just glad both came out unscathed.
It's the most disappointing for Max though. He ran a perfect race up until tyre decided to blow up.
The podium was super though. Checo coming into his own, holding of Hamilton for so long. amazing drive. Great to see Seb so happy too.

{Ed001's Note - they were proper crashes them! So good to see both drivers completely unscathed afterwards.}

3.) 07 Jun 2021
06 Jun 2021 22:53:32
That race was everything I had hoped for in Baku! , Hamilton accidentally hitting the "magic" button was absolutely unexpected.

{Ed001's Note - it is so rare he makes a mistake, it really is a genuine shock when it happens.}