12 Apr 2021 13:46:13
Right lads, we are getting closer to the next race. Hope it lives up to the previous one.
Wanted to get your opinions on who you think is the next big thing from the current grid?
For me Max and Leclerc are far out ahead In terms of talent when compared to the other young drivers.
Is Lando good enough to challenge them in the near future or do you see someone like Russell or Mick or even Yuki able put up the fight?
Personally I think this is a big year for Lando, if he can beat Danny Ric or match his performances, he would have proven his worth.

{Ed001's Note - Russell and Yuki are next imo. Mick will have such a big shadow cast over him by his dad it is unfair to expect much from him. I think Lando will be like Danny Ric, in terms of being a top driver, but not quite a world champion. Put either of them in another series and they dominate, but F1 is the best of the best.}

1.) 12 Apr 2021
12 Apr 2021 15:46:15
Can't disagree mate. However I feel Russell needs a move to a better team soon. Will Mercedes give him his chance. I thought in 2021 the Mercedes seat would be his. He can't keep waiting around forever.

{Ed001's Note - isn't it Bottas's last year with them? In which case Russell will be a shoo-in for the speck there.}

2.) 12 Apr 2021
12 Apr 2021 16:21:33
Oh, I didn't know that. Feel kinda sad for Bottas. He did not have a chance against Hamilton. Didn't have the competitive nature of Rosberg to compensate for the clear difference in talent either. Would be exciting to see Russell in Mercedes though.

{Ed001's Note - Bottas made his choice and chose the money over personal pride, so I have no sympathy.}

3.) 15 Apr 2021
15 Apr 2021 18:42:00
I'm in agreement with ed Yuki and russle.
Yuki is going to be an absolute star.
The fact that mid race he watched how Alonso took corners and then adopted it to climb up the pack is absolutely astounding!

{Ed001's Note - that is a bit special, the kind of thing Schumacher used to do.}