09 Oct 2019 09:59:03
Ed001, What do you think about the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix? Last year, both Mercedes and Red bull dominated Ferrari. Do you think there would be any reversal in fortune for Ferrari?

{Ed001's Note - Ferrari look to be ahead of the rest now, but they still struggle in outright race pace. I can see it being a Ferrari front row and then the two scarlet cars spending the race being hounded by Mercs and Red Bull. I wouldn't be surprised to see McLaren hang on to their coat-tails either. With it being Honda's home circuit, it is likely they will have been burning the midnight oil to get their engine to its peak, so we might even get Toro Rosso on the back of it too. The only problem will be if anyone gets past the Ferraris, then they won't be able to conserve tyres and have to push to chase, which means the pace will be too hot for McLaren and Toro Rosso then.}

1.) 09 Oct 2019
09 Oct 2019 11:25:41
Thanks for the thoughts, ED :) Looking forward for this weekend race :) Have a nice day.

{Ed001's Note - you too mate, any time.}

2.) 13 Oct 2019
13 Oct 2019 07:56:22
Ed001: As per predication, Ferrari had the pace and qualified for the front row. But, they are new methods to screw the race for each time : (.

{Ed001's Note - to be fair they both threw it away at the start, Leclerc just a little more brutally than Vettel.}